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Q: What can I expect?

A: Every artist has his/her own style of drawing. Caricatures are impressions or a representation of your face. The finished work is an interpretation of the image(s) supplied, and can include exaggerations on the subject’s distinctive features to produce a comic or grotesque effect. In short, caricature is not a portrait, and under some circumstances may have a limited similarity to the original subject. Basically it means certain elements of the face or body may adopt different shapes. This is what caricaturing is all about.



Q: How long does it take to get a caricature done?

A: For order of digital artwork, normally it will take 5 working days. For order of hardcopy artwork, 5 working days + a few more days for delivery. But don’t panic, if you need it urgently, we are happy to accommodate your timeframe, just provide us with your dateline.



Q: What size of caricature can I get?

 A: For digital caricature, I will provide the FA (finished artwork) image in 150 - 300dpi for printing. As for hardcopy caricature, you can order either A4 size (297mm x 210mm) or A3 size (420mm x 297mm) which is double A4 size. You can also order A2 size (or poster size) caricature which is double A3 size.



Q: How do I send the photos to you?

A: Simply email them to cariambo@gmail.com. You can also send them through Whatsapp to the mobile number as stated in the website 'Home' page.



Q: How many photos do you need?

A: About 3-5 most recent clear shots of the person/subject (without sunglasses please!) If you can send more than 3 that’s even better. Most of the times the difference between a good and a great caricature are the photos supplied.



Q: What is preferred, photo of a close up of a face or photo of a whole body?

A: If the caricature is of a head and shoulder, then a good clear head and shoulder is fine. But for a full body caricature, a picture showing the full body will be great. If it does not show the face clearly, then a picture of the person’s head is needed. Remember, the better the image the better the result!



Q: What information do you need for the caricature?

A: As much information as you can provide me. Things like the subject’s hobbies, occupation, obsessions, hair colour, favourite drinks/foods/saying, etc. The more information the better.



Q: How much do they cost?

A: Kindly refer to the ‘Caricature Price List’ on the ‘Online Order’ webpage.



Q: When do I pay for my caricature?

A: 50% from total cost upon placing an order, and 50% balance of payment upon completion of FA (finished artwork). An order is considered confirmed once downpayment is received.



Q: How do I pay?

A:Payment can be made via funds transfer online to the bank accounts stated in the ‘Online Order’ webpage, or by bank-in to those bank accounts directly.



Q: How will you send the finished caricature to me?

A: For order of digital caricature, I will send it by email. As for hardcopy caricature, I will send it by express delivery/courier.



Q: How about using the caricatures for commercial use?

A: If you intend to use the caricature(s) for commercial use, please advise us as part of your initial enquiry. Our artists need to make a living, therefore trying to use them as a lower cost alternative to a commercial artist is unfair. Even our rates for commercial use are below the rates charged in a commercial studio. Depending on the use, additional fees may apply.



Q: Do I get the copyright over the caricature artwork?

A: Our artist retains copyright over all images. With the exception of commercial use, you can use and reprint your caricature as you wish. We reserve the right to use the artworks for marketing and advertising purposes. However, if you specifically do not wish for your caricature to be used for those purposes, please do advise us.




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